April 11-13

Creating a Life of True Abundance

Rowe Camp & Conference Center

Rowe, MA

The underlying premise of Rick’s acclaimed workshops on career, life alignment, and transition is that we are born of immeasurable love–and this inheritance is abundance itself! He has worked to help people rediscover that love in their lifetime. Rick will teach you how to improve your access to your soul’s plan and purpose so you can make time and space for what really matters, overcome society’s scarcity programming, and discover exactly what you need in this moment to live in true abundance.

Through guided meditation, movement, writing, dialogue, poetry, dream-work, and clarity exercises, you will be guided to transform the “base metals” of fear, insecurity, and being “stuck” into a life driven by love, compassion, gratitude, equanimity, and joy.You will take home life-changing skills and insights that you can use to cultivate and maintain a practice of awareness, compassion, right-livelihood, openness, and freedom.

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Create The Work You Love.

Now is the time to honor your life’s calling and create a self-sustaining career that resonates with your deepest levels of integrity, passion, and purpose.

Author, educator and pioneer of the anti-career movement, Rick Jarow leads the way with his workshop and book, “Creating the Work You Love.”

Now you can open the doors to your greatest inspiration and motivation, move inspiration into action, develop your authentic vocation and cultivate sources of income that are in alignment with who you really are….. even in these tough economic times.

Become the Architect of Your Life.

In Creating the Work You Love, Rick shows you how to discover and develop the work you were meant to do, work that is aligned with the deepest levels of your being. In his book and workshop, “The Alchemy of Abundance,” he invites you to take a clear, uncompromising look at your life, release the conditioned responses that keep you stuck, and incubate a healed vision for your life… a vision that calls you forward into the fullest expression of who you are.

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